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Gaastra NETO 2009
20 June 2008 | 6:30 am


RRD 2009
17 June 2008 | 12:34 pm

More pics of the 2009 RRD. New for 2009 the Passion and the Obsession. It looks like that after F-one and North, RRD is also using the delta-shape

North Rebel 2009
16 June 2008 | 4:57 am

The new 2009 North Rebel is already flying around


RRD Passion
13 June 2008 | 7:29 am

Definitely the 2009 gear is here.
After the new Xbow from Cabrinha, we have the new freeride kite from RRD, the Passion
It will be available in the end of July.

Program :
Free ride, first kite, sevolution
– Shape …

Cabrinha Crossbow IDS 2009
24 May 2008 | 7:47 am
Takoon Nova 3
22 May 2008 | 5:36 am
Cabrinha-Intelligent Depower System
22 April 2008 | 2:28 pm

Cabrinha developed an new system called Intelligent Depower System. It will improve the security of kitesurf.
You can take a look and see how will it work…

Best Bularoo 2008 Snow Promo
5 April 2008 | 12:54 pm
Royal Solo
29 March 2008 | 6:39 pm

There is a new series of kites from Royal on the way called the Solo. Sizes will be 5-7-9-11-13, all odd sizes as the Eras are all even sizes.
The price will be low and performance …

Slingshot Kite Designer Tony Logosz
29 March 2008 | 10:59 am

Tony Logosz, Slingshots Chief Kite Designer speaks about the design process of Slingshot kites.

Flexifoil Ion3
15 March 2008 | 4:41 am

It will lbe released in March 1st, but there are already some photos of the new Flexifoil Ion3


Caution Mayhem
25 February 2008 | 3:54 pm

New Video from CAUTION KITES of Santa Cruz… presenting the..

The Mayhem is the latest in Caution’s lineup with the ultimate in depower and high performance turning characteristics. The Mayhem incorporates the best safety release …