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Interview Kari Schibevaag

14 July 2008 | 5:00 am

Hello Kari. Who is Kari Schibevaag?
Hello, I am kari from Norway 29 years old. I am riding for Ozone and Brunotti. I love to do kitesurfing but also snowkiting. I studid five years the university before I started kiting.

How did you start to kitesurf?
It was 2 persons from Norway who were telling about kiting in a seminar at my ski school, after this I signed in for a weekend course and after this my kite has always been with me.

How long have you been into kitesurfing and how did you get into it?
I have been kiting 5 years, but the 2 -3 first years was just trying to kite with no control in Norway.

Which competitons are involved this year?
KPWT and the snow kite competitions.

What were your expectations in the begin of the season and how is it going?
I am 3rd overall after France and Greece and I am really happy for this. I hope I can stay in the top 5 when the year is over. I broke my finger in Greece, this is not helping, But I hope I will make it.

Are you 100% kitesurf professional or you do something else for living?
I am just doing kiting now, but when I am home I take all the jobs I can do. Painting house, teaching, cleaning, working in a restaurant etc.

How do you manage your professional life with KPWT competitions plus trainings?
I only do kitesurf now so that’s easy..When I am in the KPWT its not good for training. I don’t have a lot of time to train and the competitions are really close to each other. Training has to be done in the winter and sometimes when you have time between the stops.

Ksdesign is your brand right? What kind of products do you have?
Its beanies and some hats for the winter. I try to make different style and you can find them at and at haugastøl.

How are they produced?
Its me who made them. I also make on order if people wants something different.

Which are the best places you’ve kited so far?
In Los Roques in Venezuela. Its really nice.

Which hobbies do you have beside kite?
Making my hats, training (running, volleyball, skiing, football, make food)

You are sponsored by Ozone kites. Beside them how supports you on tour?
Brunotti, Olden, Seabrokers group, devold, Norsk Plan. And working…

Which are your favorite kite and board?
Its my 7 and 9 m ozone sport kite. Boards I like the girl board of brunotti and the new ozone board.

Where do you usually pratice kitesurf and prepare your self for
the KPWT events?

I have been a lot to Brazil and Tarifa but also Venezuela.

Do you practice with someone to push your self to another limits?
I normally always train with the men’s and they bushing me.

Can you describe the perfect kitesurf session?
The sun is shining and the wind is fore my 7m ozone. The water is flat or good waves. OR in the snow its with powder. And one more thing good friends.

How would you describe urself?
I mother say that I am the best girl in the world 

What is and wich condition do you have in your kitesurf home spot?
Its nice beaches with sand. Its good space and you can find flat water and waves. Its cold sow you need a wetsuit. The people is really nice and I love my town Stavanger.

Thank you very much Kari, and congrats for the result in Italy ;-)

[Photos: oystein kristiansen, marius arnesen, inger lise hole, carlos delicado and KPWT]

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