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PKRA – Colgate Kitesurf World Cups Day 5

28 August 2008 | 9:28 am

After a windy, fast-paced, action-packed and wet Day #5, the Colgate Kitesurf World Cup 2008 in St. Peter-Ording, Germany concludes another day of exciting kiteboarding competition with the Freestyle double event now in the history books. The weather was cold and windy, as is typical in Northern Germany. The temperature peaked at 16° Celsius with winds of up to 22 knots. There were brief pockets of rain with some higher winds during the small rain squalls that rolled through but most of the male competitors were on their 9-meter kites for much of the day.

The freestyle doubles event started right on schedule at 10:30 am after the 10:00 am skippers meeting. The final heats were completed at 4:00 pm after which a course race was planned by 5:00 pm but due to technical difficulties and the subsiding winds, race director Olaf Van Tol decided to cancel the plan and call it a day at 5:15 pm.

Freestyle Highlights

There were a lot of exciting matches both in the men and women’s events as Bruna Kajiya defeated world champion Gisela Pulido in an exciting two-heat final.

Joanna Litwin (POL, Nobile) defeated Jo Wilson (GBR, Naish) in the 12th heat with higher technical difficulty score in the air passes, landing a slim and blind judge over Wilson’s krypt to surface pass and Vulcan to surface pass.

The younger Jalou Langeree (NED, Naish) defeated veteran Kristin Boese (GER, Best) in the 13th heat with a krypt to surface pass, raley to blind and front to blind winning with greater power versus Boese’s raley to wrapped, front to wrapped and raley to blind. Langeree’s bid for the podium would stop there as EETV’s very own Susi Mai (GER, Cabrinha) defeated her with a higher technical difficulty score, landing a raley to wrapped, raley to blind, front to blind, and krypt to surface pass against Langeree’s krypt to surface pass, Vulcan to surface pass and raley to blind.

In another twist of luck, Mai was defeated by Julie Simsar (FRA, Liquid Force) who landed a raley to blind, front to blind, kiteloop and back to toeside surface pass, winning with a higher technical difficulty score versus Mai’s raley to blind and kiteloop-backloop. Simsar would then succumbed to the riding powers of Karolina Winkowska (POL, Naish) in the 17th heat with a higher technical difficulty score in air passes, landing a slim, blind judge, blind judge 360, raley to blind and front to blind.

Finally, Winkowska was the last heat winner to loose to the next heat’s competitor versus Gisela Pulido (ESP, Slingshot) with a slim, mobe, blind judge, front mobe and s-bend. Winkowska landed a blind judge, s-bend to blind with air pass and 313 loosing with less technical difficulty and variety.

In the first final heat, freestyle singles winner Bruna Kajiya (BRA, Best) goes down to Pulido who landed a blind judge, front mobe and slim versus Kajiya’s back to blind air pass and slightly butt-checked blind judge and s-bend. In the second final heat, Kajiya fought back in the last few minutes to seal the deal and take the event win. The Brazilian kiteboarder landed a blind judge, s-bend, back to blind, back to blind air pass, non-inverted slim and blind judge with aerial handle pass versus Pulido’s slim, 313, front to blind, back to blind and blind judge. A higher technical difficulty score and more powered moves sealed the win for Bruna Kajiya.

EETV interviewed Kajiya after the games and got her view of the competition. “We had a really tough day today. The doubles went on thru the whole day. On my fist heat I was on a 7-meter when it rained and started to get dark. The wind picked up a lot so I started to hold on to my kite really hard but I was overpowered because I don’t weigh too much and when the wind picked up a little I was really flying so I couldn’t get my tricks so Gisela won and we had to go through a second heat. In the second [final] heat, the wind came down a bit so I went with my 7-meter again and it was nice so I landed some really good tricks and tried some powerful and clean moves. It’s really tiring but everything went good so I won.”

The men’s heats were equally exciting, with the finals between Aaron Hadlow (GBR, Flexifoil) and Kevin Langere (NED, Naish) going into a repeat heat, keeping the men’s tour title bid alive.

In some of today’s highlights, Tour regular Mario Rodwald (GER, North) started his 6-heat winning streak in the 19th heat beating all odds and climbing to number 4 up the doubles ladder. The world 15th ranked German PKRA athlete defeated countryman Tobias Hoelter (JN Kites) in this heat before knocking out another countryman Rick Jensen (Naish) in a closely fought 23rd heat. Rodwald won that heat with cleaner execution.

After that round, Jan Schiegnitz (GER, Liquid Force) knocked out Bas Koole (NED, Best) in a closely contested heat. The German kiteboarder landed a slim, front mobe, mobe, back to blind air pass, blind judge, front side 360 and a kiteloop-backloop while Koole had a slim, mobe, front mobe, hasselhoff, KGB and a blind judge up his trick list but had less power in his moves.

Mikael Blomvall (SWE, Nobile) also had a good day, running a 4-heat winning streak starting in heat #25 after being disqualified in the singles, knocking out French ripper Florian Daubos (Naish) with a higher technical difficulty score. The Swedish kiteboarder then defeated Russian Petr Tyuskevich (Cabrinha) in the 29th heat with smoother execution and a lot of powered moves.

A strong showing from Steve Verelst (BEL, Best) put the pressure on Michael Schitzhofer (AUT, JN Kites) in their 26th heat match. Verelst landed a blind judge, front mobe, front mobe 5, 313, slim and s-bend while Schitzhofer landed a regular and switch slim, front side 360, blind judge with aerial handle pass, mobe, front mobe and kiteloop slim taking the win. Schitzhofer then lost to Reno Romeu (BRA, North) in the 28th heat.

Rodwald defeated North team mate Cesar Portas (ESP) in the 26th heat with cleaner execution and lower kite angle before ending Sebastien Garat ‘s (FRA, RRD) podium bid in the 28th heat. He also managed to fight another heat after defeating world #11 Romeu in the 30th heat going into the quarter finals. Also in the same heat, Blomvall defeated Spain’s Alex Pastor (Naish) with a higher technical difficulty score and cleaner landings. Pastor suffered a few crashes while Blomvall landed several solid and reliable regular and switch tricks.

After both riders fighting through a lot of heats, Rodwald would take the upper hand against Blomvall in their 31st heat match. Inspired by the home crowd, Rodwald moved on to fight for a higher place in the ladder, defeating the Swedish kiteboarder with a front mobe to blind, regular and switch slim, regular and switch back to blind air pass and regular and switch mobe. Tired after six heats, Rodwald would suffer a lot of crashes in the next heat against Tom Hebert (New Caledonia, Airush), loosing his bid for a podium position. Hebert took the win with a near-textbook display of smooth and powered regular and switch tricks to fight Onieva in the next round.

Having one heat to warm to the conditions, Hebert trounces Alvaro Onieva (ESP, Best) with another solid display of regular and switch moves and higher technical difficulty score. Onieva goes hard with a lot of power but came up short on the hot fast landings.

Langeree seemingly unfazed by Hebert’s regular and switch prowess goes on to demonstrate his switch abilities and technical skills. A total of 16 moves (all with aerial handle passes) in 7 minutes outclassed Hebert who despite landing a mobe to wrapped, double back mobe and several regular and switch moves would have to settle for 3rd as Langeree moved into the next round to face Hadlow and go for the event win.

Final Match (Heat #36)

A total of 16 moves for Hadlow and 17 for Langeree. Hadlow landed a blind judge with aerial handle pass, regular and switch front mobe, regular and switch slim, regular and switch mobe, s-bend to blind with aerial handle pass, s-bend, shifty 3, back to blind air pass, mobe to wrapped and slim to wrapped. Langeree landed a blind judge with aerial handle pass, s-bend to blind with aerial handle pass, regular and switch kgb, regular and switch front mobe, double s-bend, 313, mobe, slim and double back mobe. Going bigger and with more power, Langere would take the win. A slight technical advantage went to Hadlow but the height and power in Langeree’s moves outweighed Hadlow’s tech and gave him the win.

Repeat Final

Not satisfied with 17 moves Langeree threw 18 moves in this heat. A blind judge with aerial handle pass, regular and switch KGB, s-bend to blind with air pass, a huge and fast front mobe to blind, nuclear KGB, front side-bend to blind with air pass, 313, double back mobe, kiteloop 360 and a non-inverted slim. Hadlow landed a blind judge with aerial handle pass, s-bend to blind with air pass, front mobe to blind, regular and switch mobe, regular and switch back to blind air pass, 313, slim and kiteloop 360. With more power and technical difficulty score, with cleaner and smoother execution and landings, Langeree took the win and keeps his bid for the men’s tour title alive.

EETV interviewed Langeree after the games and this is what he had to say.

“I’ve been here for the last five days and the wind was pretty good yesterday but today’s forecast was even better. I started my heat against Tom Hebert and I was pretty surprised he came all the way up there. The first final heat was good. I was able to do some powered moves even though the wind was up and down sometimes. I was super-stoked riding in front of the judges but was very surprise to win that heat but I think it was pretty close just like yesterday. So we had to do another heat and the second one went even better [for me]. I think the biggest advantage is I got my 9-meter kite. The wind picked up a little more so I started the heat with a super-powered blind judge.”

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