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Aboards 3D progressive boards

25 August 2008 | 8:31 am

Aboards 3D progressive boardsLast week I was finally able to test the boards that drawn my attention in 2008 season.

3D progressive boards

The first question that came to my mind when two weeks ago I received the 2008 Z- and X-series models of ABoards was what does 3D progressive boards mean?
But soon I was able to discover the answer to that.


Together with the boards I have received some technical information about the way they are being produced and that was when the mysterious term “3D” came all clear.

Aboards Z-Series

It turns out that the boards are actually being produced with the use of the special technology that allows them to be profiled in 3 dimensions. Thanks to that it has various flex levels that provides outstanding pop and ensures the absorption of all possible vibrations.
The boards core made of the combinations of materials such as airex, abs and wood is being thermo-pressed under the pressure of 68 tons. This provides its extreme strength and durability but at the same time keeps them ultra light.

ABoards X-Series & Z-series

The Aboards R&D team focused their efforts on making a board that combines perfect stability and control with an easy upwind. They put extra attention on the boards shape.
Both x- and z- series, have a single concave on the bottom and a shape that ensures the maximum edging potential. The so called “up-winders”, the symmetrical extensions on each tip of the board results in fantastic up-wind performance.

Aboards X-Series Tip Aboards Z-Series Tip

And as I have proved myself that does not compromise at all the board’s maneuverability. But let’s leave the technical jargon to the designers and get to the point.

On the Water

As I have tested both Z-series and X-series I enjoyed great weather and water conditions witn slightly choppy water and some little waves. The wind speed was about 18 knots. Sun, warm wind. I’m 1.68m tall and weigh 53kg- this information might be useful if you are searvhing for the right size of the board for yourself.

Danilo Nacarato Riding Aboards Z-series

X-series 134 X 39.5 cms

My first choice was the X-series size 134 cms. It is surely a great board with an excellent pop, very strong and perfect for powerful wake style tricks. It looks very solid and it really is. Perfect for a rider that wants to learn and improve some freestyle moves and tricks. It is almost indestructible.

Aboards X-Series

By the way, X as well as Z-series have a strong ABS plastic rail protection and an anti-scratch cover that protects the core and the graphics (top and bottom) from all kinds of bumps, crashes, scratches and even UV sunlight.

Aboards X-Series

In case of the x-series designers have created a board with the huge wake potential; very strong, durable but at the same time they have improved the comfort of riding. Even though the X-series is not the best choice if you will be mostly riding on choppy water it has a great capacity of absorbing unwanted vibrations. Your knees will certainly appreciate that. It has a good slide and goes perfectly up-wind. It is fairly easy to handle and responds almost instinctively to the rider.
The board goes exactly where you want it to go. It allows the rider to perform the maneuvers fairly quickly. It has a great pop and is just magically flexible. Watch the movie below but don’t try this at home ;)

Summing up, the X-series is a wakestyle board with geometry designed for experienced riders passionate about powerful tricks.
If you are looking for allround freestyle board though you should definitely try Z-series.

Z-series, 130 X 39.5 cms

When I went out off the water after my kite session with Z-series I decided not to let that one out of my hands (or feet). The board performed really well in choppy water.

Aboards Z-Series

It has a better grip than X-series. It edges nicely and I have noticed that I could easily make much bigger angle upwind than other riders in the water thanks to the magical “up-winders”.
The board feels like it was cutting through the water and performs really well on choppy water. I also appreciated the slide and the great pop just like in X-series (surprise, surprise ;-) )

Danilo Nacarato Riding Aboards Z-series

I felt very confident on the water riding the z-series. It is very maneuverable and extremely easy to handle with a perfect balance between flex and pop. Not as demanding as X-series.
It also allows you to ride earlier when the wind is not very strong. I cannot recommend the board enough to all of you, rather light weight riders, who prefer freestyle and freeride.
If you are looking for a board with freestyle in mind, you want pop and speed all that gives you the Z-series.

Aboards Z-Series

But what would the excellent board do without a good pair of footpads and footstraps? They are the link between the rider and the board and they let you control more and better boards performance.
Aboards provided us with nice, well finished and quite comfortable pads.
They are not too soft and not too hard. The surface grips well to the feet, it is not slippery. They give a direct feel of the board.

Aboards Pads

The straps though are probably the weakest point of the board. They have an anatomical shape but unfortunately they are too big.
Even if you try to tight the Velcro up they will probably still stay too big (and believe me, I am not a Cinderella)
I believe though that the Aboards team is working right now on the new better straps so it is just the matter of time until we finally have the perfect board with perfect straps.

Aboards Fins

Last but not least I would like to congratulate the Aboards team for the outstanding graphics of both boards. They are simple but powerful (just like the boards) and they will definitely make a lot of heads turn as you walk at the beach. The boards are really beautiful.


When you decide to buy either of the boards you should make sure you chose the right size. It really makes a big difference you ride the right one to get the most of the board’s potential.

Danilo Nacarato Riding Aboards Z-series

Remember, you are dealing here with huge wakestyle machine in case of x-series and a fantastic allrounder in case of z-series.

X-series is produced in 4 sizes:

  • 137 x 40.0
  • 134 X 39.5
  • 131 X 39.0
  • 128 x 38.5

Z-series in 3:

  • 136 x 40.5
  • 133 x 40.0
  • 130 x 39.5

If for any reason you want to contact Aboards directly the best way to do that is via email:
You can also check up their site:


I would like to thank everyone in Aboards team for their professionalism.

[Source: Kitemovement; Photos: Kitemovement and Danilo Nacarato]

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