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Nobile boards 2008

17 September 2007 | 8:20 pm


Nobile 666

The 666 remains the highest performance board in the Nobile range. Performance always comes at a price but for 2008 we’ve worked to retain the early planing, incredible upwind ability and insane pop of the 2007 model and added to it improved handling in difficult conditions, softer landings and easier carving. In order to achieve this we created a new 3-D top mould, which is an evolution of the 2007 version. The new mould allows us to add more flex into the fin areas of the board without effecting the central nose and tail sections that are responsible for the higher performance characteristics. We’ve also added a high gloss UV stable top foil to the board to ensure it’s good looks last forever. Retained from 2007 is the revolutionary Hydrodynamic rocker line, Anti Vibration Technology and Elliptical Progressive Concave. Designed to allow you to push your limits whilst still having fun, the 2008 666 range sets a new bench mark in high performance yet easy to ride freestyle boards.


Nobile 555

Introduced in 2006 the Nobile 555 range has become synonymous with control, ease of use and comfort, no other board has achieved such consistently high praise from test teams the world over. For 2008 we’ve adjusted the sizes to achieve the perfect board for riders of all shapes, sizes and abilities and included a womens specific board. Light wind planing, control at speed and phenomenal upwind ability are trademarks of the 555 range. It’s ability to perform in all conditions inspiring confidence to all levels of rider are what sets it apart from the rest. New for 2008 is a UV Stable textured top foil ensuring your ride will continue to look good for it’s entire life whilst retained from 2007 are the industry first technologies that Nobile introduced to kiteboards. Anti Vibration technology and Elliptical Progressive Concave. The wider sizes of the 555 have been tuned to work in lighter winds and for heavier riders whilst the womens addition (apart from featuring a unique colour scheme) has a flex pattern suited to lighter riders and narrower stance options.

Shinn Twin

Nobile Shinn Twin

For 2008 the Shinn range has been completely re modeled starting with a new 3-D top mould. In an effort to increase the versatility of the range even more we’ve used a 3 step design that increases the flex over the whole nose and tail areas of the board. The effect of this is to provide faster and smoother turns whilst maintaining a super smooth feeling in the water no matter how difficult the conditions. Changing the mould allowed us to redesigned the composite core build to allow high flex in the tips but also increased flex response speeds (the speed the board returns to it’s normal position after flexing) making the board soft and comfortable to ride but still lively without losing any of it’s high performance characteristics. Next, we modified the outline to further straighten the centre sections between your feet (the area working to enhance board tracking and grip) and create a smoother evolution into the curved nose and tail areas of the board, the areas responsible for carving and control in difficult conditions. To further enhance the unique character of the Shinn range for 2008 we’ve added a synthetic leather finish, it doesn’t change the performance but it certainly helps the way the board looks! Being an advanced rider doesn’t mean you have to specialize in wakestyle. If your looking for a board that planes fast, turns hard and makes the most out of the widest range of conditions then this might be the board for you.


Nobile EXT

Introduced in Spring 2006 the EXT has gained a loyal following. The goal of the project was to create a board that rides in 9 to 12 knots but which does not hinder your riding pleasure when the wind hits 15 to 18 knots meaning you don’t need to head back to the beach and change boards.
For 2008 we’ve added the same high gloss UV stable top foil as for the rest of the 666 range but retained the revolutionary Hydrodynamic rocker line, Anti Vibration Technology and Elliptical Progressive Concave.
If you want to ride in light winds and still perform then the EXT is for you.


Nobile Nbl

The NBL range is designed for the beginner to intermediate level kiteboarder looking for a modern, advanced flex technology board at a reasonable price. Many brands selling kiteboards at the lower end of the price scale utilize old, out of date technology. The NBL range includes many of the features found on much higher priced ranges to create what we believe is the best value for money board on the market today. The core of these boards is full wood, giving fast flex response, low vibration, outstanding durability and remarkably low weight and when combined with the 3D mould, that’s been designed to allow extreme flex in the tip areas, gives a range of boards that are early planning and fast upwind yet remain extremely easy to us and above all forgiving of mistakes. The Elliptical Progressive Concave (first features on the 2005 Nobile 555 range) combines the benefits of both full concave and flat boards further enhancing the performance and comfort.


Nobile Skimboard

18 months ago Nobile launched the worlds first Kite specific Skimboard. At the time kiting on a skim board was in its infancy, these days it’s not unusual to find riders on skim boards and not just in light winds anymore. For 2008 Nobile has maintained the winning shape that made Kite skim boarding accessible for everyone but has added a textured UV stable top sheet. This not only has the benefit of maintaining the good looks of your board over time but provides a non slip surface that is both easy to hold and gives extra traction should your feet be off the pads at any time. The Nobile kite specific skim board is designed to be an inexpensive addition to your board bag that adds to your time on the water by working on the days when you wouldn’t normally be able to ride. The parallel sided outline and optional fins on our board enable better tracking and more stable riding whilst still maintaining a free and loose feel. Ride with or without fins depending on your preference. With – providing positive tracking, better upwind ability and easier riding, without – for a skatier feel and the ability to ride in incredibly shallow water.

Shinn wave

Shinn Wave

New for 2008, Nobile is proud to announce the Shinn Wave. This board has been designed and developed over 12 months to make wave sailing as accessible and fun as possible through the application of advanced flex control and snowboard construction techniques. A dedicated directional or 60/40 twin the choice is yours, this board really does have something to offer novice waveriders up to experts alike. Classic surfboards provide a unique experience for riders of the highest ability. However, in the development of this board we’ve tried to recognised that not everyone has either the opportunity to ride in perfect conditions nor the time needed to master the techniques required to enjoy a dedicated board to the fullest. Creating a high flex composite core and 3 step tail design has allowed us to divert from the normal high rockers associated with wave boards and their associated poor planing performance. With the help of the single progressive concave hull and tucked ABS rails we’ve created a board that planes early, flies upwind and yet still provides grip and drive through the bottom turn, tight snappy off the lips and insane slashes. If you’re not confident of your gybes (or just looking to get out of an uncomfortable situation fast) the nose fins offer a genuine solution to riding both ways yet are small enough to avoid catching when riding waves. In order to make the board as versatile as possible large 12 mm moulded EVA pads are supplied pre attached and this board features our new dedicated wave strap. Stance positions are provided for both in line directional riding and offset twin riding. The Shinn wave is aimed at riders looking to achieve more “bite” in their wave riding in all conditions without committing to a full surf orientated directional.


Nobile Snowkite

Nobile introduced our first dedicated snow kite board into the market in 2006. Whilst many felt that their standard snowboard was good enough, few that have tried a dedicated model would ever go back. Our 2008 RM Pro Model Snowkite boards offer stable riding in all conditions, a centered stance and symmetrical outline for true twin tip riding and enough sidecut radius to handle like a regular snowboard without being forced upwind all the time. We’ve combined our knowledge with that of World Vice Champion Snowkiter Remi Meum to bring you the most complete range of snow kite boards yet. Our 2008 range ride smoother, faster and with more POP than ever before whilst the hyper flex zones increase the comfort levels for your legs on ice or hard packed snow. The 163 is perfect for larger riders, powder riding and offers a truly convertible board for regular snowboarding as well as snowkiting. The 157 is the choice of Remi for freestyle kiting offering ultimate POP and controlled landings. The new size of 148 is designed for women and smaller riders who till now have been forced to ride regular snowboards due to the lack of availability of small dedicated snowkite boards.

[Source: Nobile]

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