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11 animals more likely to kill you than sharks

27 November 2012 | 10:07 pm

A new study has shown that your chances of being hurt by a shark have risen. Still you’re much more likely to be killed by animals such as deer, cows, and even dogs. Sharks are scary but they are not as deadly as we think. Check out this list of 11 animals more likely than sharks to attack you and kill.

655,000 people killed each year, primarily in Africa, by malaria spread by mosquitoes.

2,900 people are killed by these apparently sweet and lazy mammals. They are not lazy and definitely not sweet animals.

130 people were killed across the US by hitting a deer with their cars.

53 people die each year in the US because of an allergic reaction from being stung.

30-35 people are killed each year in the US.

20-50 people are killed each year in Africa from ants. They are small but they attach in thousands.

20-40 people per year die in the Philippines alone, from the anaphylactic shock caused by the stings.

22 people are killed in the US every year from the accidents that involve cows.

20 people die each year thanks to unlucky encounters with horses.

6.5 people die in the US every year from spider bites.

5.5 people die from rattlesnake bites each year in the US.

<1 person is killed each year in the US and fewer than 6 worldwide are killed by sharks. Seventeen fatalities are recorded as having being caused by shark attacks in 2011, out of 118 recorded attacks. A two decade high.

With millions of beach-goers and surfers spending time in the water every day, only a small handful are ever bitten or killed by sharks. So you maybe scared of them but remember that these creatures aren’t nearly as deadly as you might think.

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