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Leander Vyvey signs with Wainman Hawaii

14 December 2013 | 5:25 am

Four-time Belgian Champion, Leander Vyvey has signed a contract with Wainman Hawaii as their International Team Rider.

The former KPWT vice world kiteboarding champion will now be free kitesurfing for the brand and is hoping to further develop the style he is known for.

Leander Vyvey

A dislocated shoulder followed by a surgery that was not 100% successful left Vyvey injured for two years. Now he is hoping to release some great videos and photos.

Vyvey started riding in Nieuwpoort, Belgium in 2002 and although he never planned on going pro his success in the sport saw him set off on a path he never imagined. He stopped competing internationally some years ago but his success in the free riding scene and subsequent signing with Wainman are the kitesurfing equivalent of hitting the jackpot at Vyvey has said that he is incredibly proud to have been asked to become part of the fast-growing kiteboarding company and that he has always liked the brand as the passion they put into every product is clearly evident in the results.

Just before signing with Wainman, Vyvey was invited to test the two final models of the brands “ManiaC” C-kite and said that he immediately knew it was the best kite he had ever flown and that he was really looking forward to becoming part of their international promotional team. He has also acknowledged that kiteboarding has always been a bit of a mix of varying riding styles and that the scene may be at a point where each style can be evaluated in its own distinct direction, making it easier for brands to cater directly to specific types of riders. He considers wakeboarding to be pushing the limit of riding styles and reckons that strapless kitesurfing and directional boards will be gaining in popularity over the next few seasons.

Wainman Hawaii has welcomed Vyvey on board as a new International Team Rider and has said that he is the ideal example of living the dream life with positive mind set.

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