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Kitesurf food for better results

15 December 2013 | 5:04 pm

Kitesurfing requires high level of fitness, health and endurance. In order to progress you need to train hard and follow a healthy diet that will help you achieve and maintain right energy levels for long sessions on the water. As it is important to eat the right food before you hit the water it is is vital to have a healthy post kitesurfing meal to aid muscle repair and general recovery.

So for every kitesurfer it is as important to train as having the right equipment as getting the right nutrients through a balanced and healthy diet. Here are a few tips of what you should it before, during and after kitesurf session.


What to eat before you hit the water?

Don’t stuff yourself with food but you should definitely eat something of a reasonable substance to guarantee you have enough energy, stable blood sugar levels and stamina. Don’t eat directly before you head out onto the water as your body will not have enough time to digest. It is best to eat at least 2 hours before you are planning to grab your kite. Complex carbohydrates are best for long lasting energy levels. You should choose foods such as whole grain bread, rice or pasta, fruits, vegetables and cereals.
Eat a wholegrain bread sandwich with veggies accompanied with a fruit or vegetable smoothie.
The complex molecular structure of these carbohydrates means that the body takes a long time to break them down and metabolize them and this will keep your blood sugar on stable levels for longer. Avoid sugar and caffeine that will give you a quick outburst of energy that burns out really fast. So if you want to enjoy your day at the beach then regulated energy is needed.


During your session

It’s a good idea to snack anytime you feel you are getting tired to boost your energy for a little longer. Try bananas as they are packed with protein and potassium that can help cure cramps or cereal bars that will give you an energy boost with a low fat content. Avoid snacking on high sugar or high fat foods such as chocolate or potato chips to keep a healthy weight.

Keep hydrated at all time. Drink a lot of water before, during and after your session. It will keep you physically stronger. Dehydration puts extra stress on your muscles and affects concentration. It induces fatigue so drink a lot of water.

What to eat after kitesurfing

After an intense exercise your muscles need meals rich in protein that will help rebuild damaged tissues and replenish glycogen levels. Try eating chicken, dairy products, red meat and bananas.
After a tiring session you need to restore you energy so go for some healthy carbohydrates. Eat meat or fish sandwich or white rice with chicken and vegetables. Mix proteins and carbohydrates to make sure you are replenishing your energy stores and help to repair the body. And one more important tip is to eat no later than an hour after kitesurfing. This is the time when the enzymes responsible for building and strengthening muscles are at their most potent in the body.


Bon apetit.


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