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How to Snowkite – review

21 January 2009 | 10:14 am

Want to know everything about snowkiting? You should get this movie that is the most complete guide to snowkite I have seen until now.

How to Snowkite. Volume 1. Basics is a movie produced by in association with Haugastole Norway, Ozone, Nobile and kiteboard magazine.

As all of the movies made by this one is also a top quality production both in the way it guides you from the beginner to intermediate level rider as in terms of construction.
It is a very well organized film, divided in chapters such as; introduction to snowkite in which you discover that snowkite actually emerged in the mid 1980s but only got popular with recent boom for kiteboarding.

Video covers everything that is needed to know in order to learn snowkiting in a safe and easy way. The video explains the basics in an accessible way; easily understandable even for those that have never had anything to do with kiteboarding. It guides you thru the basics in kite and bar construction in both tube and foil kites. Explains the difference between c-kites that are perfect for freeriding and freestyle and flat kites that are usually much safer choice for the beginners.
It helps to choose the right equipment; kite in the right size (tube kites work as well on water as they work on the snow so it should be the choice of the most kitesurfers), the snowboard wide enough to enable you riding on heel edge or stable skis, clothing that will protect you from cold and the rest of the necessary gear: comfortable harness, back protection and helmet.

In the part dedicated to safety we are being introduced to principles of wind power.With help of wind charts and readable graphics we learn how to read wind speed without the windmeter, how to encounter a cloudy weather or how to be prepared for rapidly changing weather so common during the winter season.
If you have doubts about choosing the location you should see the Location and Conditions chapter in which you get a full list of what you should look for and what you to avoid when choosing the area to put you first steps in snowkite.

Kite flying is fully explained in a part that follows. 3D illustration used to demonstrate the wind window, neutral and power zone certainly leaves no doubt even to the rookies. With the help of graphics and illustrations all the theory of how to fly a foil and a tube kite is explained.
You are also introduced to all the security precautions just before you can learn by yourself how to safely setup, launch, relaunch your kite. The riders show you step by step how to set up lines,a bar and your kite. Once again using clear illustrations you learn how to use safety releases, how to set up a kite after safety release. The movie covers literally everything you need to know. Launching and landing. Relaunching. Packing. Wind control, speed control, board start and control. You also learn the basics of riding, upwind, downwind, correct posture, The importance of depower, position of the kite and the rider in the wind window,edging in speed control and turning the kite and the board (riding toeside, downlooping).

The last part of the movie is dedicated to various styles of snowkiting and for each of them you get a bunch of very useful and practical tips.
In the introduction to backcountry and freeride you learn how to go up hill and upwind and uphill at the same time or what do to when you are overpowered.
In part dedicated to expedition kiting you are introduced to the basic rules such as the need to set yourself safe goals. You need navigation tools, walkie talkies, and provision in your expedition kit.You must not forget the repair kit in case of any accident.
Of course you learn how to repair your gear and maintain it in good shape from the tutorial.

Finally you are being given some practical tips about jumping, of how to control a bar and how to avoid common mistakes.
Before the volume 2 is published where all of possible kite tricks will be explained you have some time to practice until you feel rally confident.
After seeing Volume 1 We are looking forward to the second part.

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