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TRIPLE-S WEDS – Session Report
5 June 2009 | 1:31 pm

Another video of the REAL, Triple-S Invitational – Session Report 2.
Edited by JD MEDIA, Music by Dub Island Soundsystem.
[flv: 500 300]

TRAD Film Competition Trailer
5 June 2009 | 12:37 am

Here is the trailer for the TRAD Film Competition DVD, which is available from the 1st July 09. It features 6 extreme sports athletes, including British kitesurfer Johara Sykes-Davies, filmed in Kenya at the MEAK …

4 June 2009 | 4:53 pm

A short trailer for part of an up and coming freeride / freestyle uprising
Flying – Stu Skeer (Wenglish) on a 20.5m Slingshot Machine
Filming and Editing – Pieter Hynam (Pieguy) with a ham, chicken and mayo …

2009 Triple-S Session Report Video # 2
4 June 2009 | 4:48 pm

[flv: 500 300]

KITEAR Trailer
4 June 2009 | 2:09 pm

The team from Dabel Em Productions are filming the first Argentinean kite DVD, KITEAR.
You can check the first trailer below

To know more about this this project visit

BKSA Round 1 Swansea Landboard
4 June 2009 | 6:54 am

Video of the BKSA Round 1 Swansea Landboard
Landboard demo by AJ Philipsen and Lewis Wilby with heats and final for Round 1 of the BKSA landboard Kiteival competition 2009.

Marc Shinn and Jalou Langeree dominate the 2009 Kiteboard Open
4 June 2009 | 3:18 am

It turned out to be a ‘whitsunny’ weekend, during Hollands biggest kitesurf event on Notorious Beach in Noordwijk. This year, all the elements were right for the Kite Board Open (KBO). Professional kitesurfers, rookies and …

SINE Wakeboards
3 June 2009 | 5:03 pm

Check out this excellent promo video of SINE wakeboards.