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Frontrool seat belt grab to revert Sequence Explained

26 February 2010 | 9:53 am

Sander explains how to make a frontrool seat belt grab to revert

“I’ll break down the trick so you can understand it or if you get stuck, break it down into pieces. It starts with a front roll, which is a rotation in the direction of your travel. Seat belt grab is basically grabbing the board with your front hand behind your rear pad/boot on the toeside edge. To revert just means you take off heel side and land toeside.

frontrool seat belt grab to revert

This trick requires a lot of coordination, so I advise to go through it a couple of times in your head while you’re waiting for wind or still on the beach.

I’ll be explaining the trick traveling to right (as shown in the picture), if you prefer doing it to the left… then it’s just opposite, left is right and right is left.

Lets get down and dirty now. From cruising you want to put your kite slightly higher (say between 1 and 2 o’clock), but don’t put it too high, as this will stop your rotation. Once you have your kite in the right position increase your speed slightly (I know it’s more commitment, but trust me the trick will go better) and start to look ahead for a sweet spot to take off.

When you’re approaching your “sweet spot” let go of your edge a little bit by going slightly downwind and putting your board flat on the water. (This is just for a split second to make your edge even more effective).

On the sweet spot edge hard and you should get a pull from your kite. (Practice this a few times to get the timing right, if this is not the case yet).

Just after leaving the water bend your right knee, lean your right shoulder towards the water and into the turn. Simultaneously start looking over your left shoulder. (The bending off the knee is to stop the backwards rotation you got from edging, for the pop, the shoulder lean is the push to start the forward rotation and inversion and the looking is to give speed to the rotation).

Now the tricky part… when you feel the rotation has started, you want to let go with your right hand (forward hand), extend your right leg and bend your left leg. Reach on the inside of the left knee to grab the toeside rail behind the pad/boot. Stretching your right leg will stop/slow down the rotation, so keep looking over your left shoulder.

Hold the grab as long as possible for style and credibility. Start looking down at the water already to spot your landing. As we’re going to land toeside, don’t put your front hand back on the bar, but use it to maintain your balance.

When you’ve spot your landing extend your legs and compress them on impact. Lean a bit towards your toeside to prevent butt checks. When you are in control on the water again fix your boardshorts (if applicable) and hair. Then look for your friends to see if they saw you styling it out.”

Common errors:
– Looking towards the board, while reaching for the grab. This will cause disorientation and may stop the rotation.
– Going into the trick without sufficient speed. This will result in, not enough pop and under rotation.
– Doubt/fear, going for the trick, but not with confident. This will result in failure of the trick.

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