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Interview Angela Peral

20 June 2008 | 7:00 am

Before the PKRA event in Portimão, Kite Masters – Portimão World Tour, that will take place in Portugal from the 9 July 2008 until the 13 July 2008, we decided to interview the friendly Angela Peral, international rider of North Kiteboarding, to know a little bit more about her.

Who is Angela Peral?
Angela Peral is a windsurf, kitesurf and surf rider, 23 years old, from Spain (Tarifa) who likes to be happy all day!

When and how did you start to kitesurf?
I started to kitesurf when I was 16 years old. I started because I saw lot of young people doing this sport and also because I love water sports and pass the most of my time on the beach.
Since I was 5 years old I was doing windsurf and with 13 years old I started to participate in the world cup windsurf competition.
I started kitesurf only the days that the wind wasn’t strong enough to windsurf, but in the end I was liking it more and more. Then I got some sponsors, like North Kiteboarding , that helped me since the beginning. Without them, I couldn’t be where I am right now.

You live in Tarifa, one of the best spots in the world to kitesurf.
How do you spend your days when you are there?

I love Tarifa! I can do everything there.
For me every day in Tarifa is different. If there is wind I go kitesurf, if there are waves I go and surf and if there are both waves and wind, I go windsurf.
After being on the beach I go hang around with my friends and sometimes at night I go party… it depends of my energy.

Where and with who do you usually practice?
Normally i practice with all of my friends. In tarifa are a lot of good kitesurfers, sometimes I kite with my dad that rides well in waves, but the most of my time I practice with my boyfriend Youri Zoon. He is one of the best kitesurfers in the world and he is training and helping me a lot almost every day.

This year you are competing again in the PKRA circuit.
What are your goals for this season?

I wanna finish this year in the top 3.I started 3rd in Mexico, in France I was 4th and I didn’t go to Venezuela. But for the rest of the season I will try to be up. Now I’m training hard for it!!!

Are you a professional rider or do you have any other occupation for living?
At the moment I’m a professional rider. I’m studying a bit in my free time by internet to became a personal trainer.

You are a North rider, which is your favourite kite and board?
My favourite kite is vegas, especially 7m, and my favourite board is the Paris (the North board designed for girls)

Besides North, which are your sponsors?
Roxy and Dock11.

How would it be the perfect kite session?
Nice clear and blue water, warm water and temperature and flat water.

Do you have any particular memory from kitesurf, some moment that somehow makes you
smile when you think of it?

The first time I was in Los Roques, Venezuela. I was there for a week to participate in a tv show.
They invited me and 4 more riders to spend a week in a boat there. The water and the wind was perfect.
I have also nice memories from all the times when I was up competing, when I was passing heats and the people looked very happy down at the beach.

Favourite trick? Which trick you don’t make yet but your training on?
My favourite trick is the back mobe. I’m training hard the sbend pass, slimchance.

How was the experience of being a an instructor in kitecamp at Embalse del Ebro?
It was very funny! I liked because everybody was very friendly and they were learning new tricks!
I like very much to work with Youri. At the same time he was helping me to teach better, not only because sometimes I don’t know how to explain very well and he helps me but also because with him everything is funnier!

This year tou particpated in RedBull Kite Punk in La Manga, how was that experience?
I loved being in Kite Punks. I really enjoied riding the sliders. It’s not very difficult, you just need not to be scary and go for it. I want more sliders :)

What hobbies do you have?
I love to surf and to windsurf. I don’t have too much hobbies out of the beach.

What is your Favourite food?

I like everything only depends of the day but i like a lot my mom’s food.

Kitesurf, windsurf or surf? Why?
Surf is first but depends of the conditions. It’s like food, one days you feel like eating something, others some other thing and sometimes you can eat or do everything.

How do you imagine yourself in 2 years?

I think I will be in PKRA but more up. Maybe I have a lot of years doing the PKRA but I’m sure at the moment that I will not be tired. I am just starting. I love the beach, kite and competing so i will try to be there for the most time I can.

I have to tell you that it’s a pleasure to see you kitesurf!
Thank you for the interview and we will see each other next month in Portugal.

[Photos: Youri Zoon]

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