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Interview with Helena Brochocka

25 November 2013 | 6:47 pm

Meet Helena Brochocka, another super talented freestyle rider from Poland. She’s been kiting for 4 years and loves freeskiing and cable wakeboarding. She’s funny, beautiful and an exceptional athlete. Find out all about her life as professional kiteboarder in an exclusive interview.


How have you become a professional kitesurfer when you grew up in a place far from kitesurf spots?

I’d honestly say that was one big coincidence. My dad first introduced me to kiting at the Polish seaside in 2008. Two years later Karolina Winkowska whom I know since we were kids took me to Brazil for my first real kite trip, and that’s sort of how it started. I guess we did have it a bit harder since we cannot train at home. I could only start training and competing after I finished school and finally had time to travel abroad.

How did growing up in Poland influence your personality?
It taught me how to embrace low temperatures, steal cars and make pierogi…haha.


Where did you go when you first started kitesurfing?
I took my first lessons on Hel peninsula in Poland, but just with the little training kite. The first time I actually went into the water was during my vacation in Paracuru, Brazil in 2008.

What was the feeling you had when you first stood on a kiteboard?
I can still remember the first 20 meters i sailed with a kite. That was an amazing feeling especially after a week of drinking hectolitres of salt water through the nose while body-dragging back and forth. That was on Prasonisi in Greece, and i was surrounded by a large group of friends who were cheering real loud! Unforgettable for sure !


Who is the biggest influence on your life?
I can’t think of one particular person, but everyone who take risks to follow their dreams ! It’s not as easy as it might seem, to just drop everything, pack your bags, and travel across the planet on your own. People always seem to find excuses, like I cannot do what you guys do – because of work, school, duties.. You need to get out of your comfort zone and that takes a great deal of courage.

Who is the biggest influence on your kitesurfing?
I would say my Polish kite girls ! Asia and Karolina are ripping since a while now, and they both have sick and powerful style ! I’m doing everything I can to catch up to their level ! Even though we don’t get much chances to shred together lately, everytime we do it’s the coolest thing ever. They’re always pushing me to try new tricks, and I know that secretly they just want to see me kill myself out there, but hey, let’s face it, watching someone slam IS HILARIOUS… haha.


If you weren’t kiteboarding what would you be doing?
I’d probably be a rockstar.

How important is style?
In my opinion way more important than the trick itself ! I’ve seen people going big and simply doing grabbed front-rolls that looked way better than another person’s lousy s-mobe. Everything can look sick if you grab it tweak it or boost it!

What are you currently listening to on your iPod?
I love music. I cannot leave the house without my headphones so my i-Pod is a mix of everything. I love to rap when I’m driving, do some beats from The Roots, Kendrick Lamar, or Mos Def are a must. As for more chilled out stuff I like Jack Johnson, Boy and Bear, Ben Howard, or The Shins. Black Keys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Gangstar, Metronomy, Justice, anything Statik Selektah, Flume.. I could go on for hours !


What are you most grateful for?
Obviously for the possibility to travel around the world and being young and healthy enough to do what i love. Also for a great family and friends to share my adventures with.

What are you most proud of?
I would say getting to where I am now. I remember getting my first very own kiteboard in 2009 and thinking one day i want to ride like the girls in these kite magazines. I have never imagined I would ever see myself in one of them ! Still can’t quite believe it ! i’m also proud of everyone who’s kiting in Poland in winter when it’s freezing, and of my boyfriend for winning the PKRA event in china. Lot’s of reasons to be proud!

helakite1 copy

What’s next?
Whatʼs next ? I donʼt know. I donʼt like planning too much cause then you keep counting down days, till you leave, till you get on another plane, till you go back.. I like to take it day by day, what drives everyone around me crazy cause Iʼm „so unorganized”. But i think I will spend the winter in Cape Town to prepare for the upcoming season. But then again, I might change my mind by that time ;)

Thank you very much Hela and good luck for the upcoming season!

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