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Naish French Kite Tour with Kevin Lageree
30 September 2009 | 1:03 pm
Naish French Kite Tour with Kevin Lageree

Video of Kevin Langeree during the Naish Tour that took place in several beaches in France.

Maxime Cervier torch 2010
30 September 2009 | 3:10 am
Maxime Cervier torch 2010

A couple hours after the French rider, Maxime Cervier, received his new 2010 Naish Torch he just hit the beach to try his new gear
The video was directed by Manu Baheux and Maxime is sponsored …

Naish Goes Over 2010 Kiteboards
26 September 2009 | 8:03 pm
Naish Goes Over 2010 Kiteboards

The Kiteboarder Magazine was able to catch up with Naish at the 2009 AWSI Demo ans show us Naish’s 2010 twintip kiteboard range

Kevin Langeree at Triple-C
3 September 2009 | 6:15 pm
Kevin Langeree at Triple-C

Video of Kevin Langeree, Naish international team rider, during Triple-C at Gravelines!

Naish 2010
18 August 2009 | 10:10 am

The World’s Most Complete Kiteboarding Range… is Now Online!
Announcing the launch of the 2010 Naish kiteboarding website. The new site is full of in-depth product descriptions and insane photos. Now all the latest innovations and …

2010 Naish Kites – Action Shots
19 June 2009 | 12:03 am

Cult action shot

2010 Helix action shot

2010 Naish kites
18 June 2009 | 1:14 pm

Well here it is, an exclusive powered by Briskites, first view of the upcoming 2010 Naish Kite range.
Expected release in Australia by late July- Early August.
Naish Charger- The first Delta with Geo-Tech for high …

2010 Naish Pads and Straps
17 June 2009 | 4:48 pm

For 2010 Naish pads and straps will be sandals
They look super cool!